I did it. I bit the bullet. A few weeks ago I took missy to the cinema to see her hero, Peppa Pig, on the big screen in all her puddle-jumping glory.

I have to admit to being very nervous. For me, two seemed a bit young for the cinema. But, it’s not every day your idol is on the big screen so I thought it was worth the punt. Fortunately, tickets were reduced for the session so if we had to leave halfway through the film, we could do it without feeling ripped off.

Well … let me tell you about this incredible experience! First of all, the cinema was amazing. For those of you not Melbourne-based, I apologise, for those who are, listen up! Southland cinema have a cinema called V JUNIOR. This is a cinema that is designed for kids. It has a slide – I shit you not – that runs from the back row down to the front row, where you will find a glowing dance floor! The kids aren’t encouraged to dance during the movie (at one point some poor teenage usher was desperately trying to move kids away from the glowing floor during the film), but it’s great for interval. That’s right, interval! I am told this cinema always has an interval to give the kids a break. What a great idea! (Of course, it did make the experience last 10 minutes longer, but we survived.) There’s even colouring in outside the cinema, and a wall of lego to play with!

The movie itself was perfect for littlies. It was pretty much a succession of Peppa episodes, with some role-play in between. And when that first Peppa episode started to air, you should have heard the crowd. I imagine it was something like a toddler version of a Beatles concert. They were squealing with excitement!

Seventy minutes later, five cups of homemade popcorn (oh Mumma, you’re so boring!) and we were in absolute sobbing hysterics. To be clear, this wasn’t during the movie. No, no, the saying goodbye to Peppa was so traumatic that we had a good cry for five minutes before running up and down the empty cinema aisles with friends in a mad frenzy!

And so it begins. I have to admit I’m a bit excited about the prospect of more movies to come. I wonder if missy will come with me to see trashy romcoms one day?

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