You would think that after three weeks traipsing around Europe we would have given up on the homemade purées. Believe me, we have tried but little miss finds the packaged beef and vegetable about as appealing as we do. So, we have been left to attempt purées (or close to) around Europe. There have been many failures and few successes. Here are our favourite go-tos for the fussy tots travelling. (Excuse the formatting — blogging from a phone is hard work!)

Tuna pasta

1 can of tuna in springwater

1 sweet potato

1 potato



Cook veg and pasta together for 15 mins. Add cheese and tuna and then mash it all up. While little miss won’t eat lumps as a rule, she makes an exception for this carb-loaded dish.

Pea purée

1 small bag of frozen peas

100 grams of ricotta

2 sprigs of mint

This is so easy and yum! Cook peas for five minutes in boiling water. Drain. Stir through ricotta and chopped up mint and mash. This is best served puréed, failing that a good mash should be fine. For the adventurous tot, stir through some cooked white fish. This purée (sans fish) is also good with lamb and roast potatos for the grown-ups! Bonus.

Apple and pear purée

I cannot believe I spent so much time steaming at home! Simply peel a couple of apples and a couple of pears, chop up, put in a microwave-friendly dish, add a dribble of water and zap for 15 minutes. Whisk with a fork and you’re golden!

Other (too) easy favourites

Frozen raspberries — microwave these bad boys for 30 seconds, whisk and add to yoghurt. Easy and yum!

Yoghurt — never fails to please. Simply add your favourite fruit

Bread and butter — need I say more?

Got another easy favourite? Please share! We still have three weeks of purées ahead of us!

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