Being a parent means spending a lot of time riding the rocky road, wondering when things are going to get easier, figuring out whether or not you’re in a wonder week, dealing with separation anxiety, going through a “sleep regression”. Yup, we spend a lot of time trying not only to figure out why that road is rocky, but finding a way to blame it on something. I may sound mocking but I’m guilty of it. Look at my google history and you’ll find: “seven month sleep regression”, “does cabbage make baby gassy?”, “wonder weeks at 8 weeks”, “how to stop rocking a baby to sleep”.

We sometimes forget to take a moment to relish the good times. So … here it goes and, I’m sorry for those riding the rocky part of the road right now, it’s gonna sound like bragging.

I have found a sweet spot. Baby girl is just shy of 11 months old, and we have just come home after six weeks overseas, which entailed much night waking, a lot of clinginess and uncertainty as we trawled baby from one new environment to the next. So, it is with much joy that this beautiful girl is greeting me each morning after a consistent 12-hour sleep (sans rocking – amazing!) with her little sleepy smile and eager cuddles. We spend much of the day laughing. We laugh at Mummy pausing before the teapot tips over in I’m a Little Teapot, we laugh when we do a spectacular burp after morning tea, we laugh when Mummy opens the door to the apartment after a walk. We nap consistently, our appetite is eager and I have no idea when the next wonder week is due (ignorance is bliss)! Sure, the witching hour still creeps up on us, but even that is lovely as baby girl goes in for extra cuddles, and happily plays with my eyelashes.

With five weeks before I return to work I find myself clinging to these moments and days tighter and, with that, I feel them moving by so much faster.

So, what’s the point of this blog? Is there a lesson to be learned? Maybe not. I guess it’s just worth savouring these little moments and remembering that, even when you’re going through the tough weeks, every little moment is special.

And, with that, baby starts crying. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

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