Before I had my beautiful baby girl many people had told me how they forgot about the pregnancy after it happened. Determined to not get sucked in by cuteness and sticky cuddles after carrying bubs around for nine months I decided to document pregnancy week-by-week – in all its glory (or lack thereof). Below lies the first of the posts about our story.

Week three

Dear baby,

We found out about you yesterday. It still doesn’t feel real. I woke up at 5.30am, needing to pee. I didn’t even think I was pregnant to be honest, but it was a Friday and I was planning on going out and drinking myself silly, while gorging on soft cheeses, so thought I should check I wasn’t pregnant.

The pregnant line came up before the test line.

My first thought was: “That explains why my boobs are so sore.” I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. It still doesn’t feel real, so I guess any thoughts of happiness – cos we are happy – will come with the doctor’s confirmation.

I woke your Dad up. He didn’t really have a clue what was going on – I hadn’t told him I was doing a test. After nine months of trying, and spending a fortune on tests, your Dad – who you must know by now is one of the biggest tight-arses (not dissimilar to your mother) – wasn’t a fan of me doing tests for no reason, they weren’t cheap! He definitely didn’t go back to sleep after I told him. I wasn’t even gentle about it, I was rocking him from side to side. “Chris,” I whispered. “Chris!”, I shouted more urgently. He gave me a cross look and rolled away from me. I really wanted to see his face when I told him but, alas, this one was just going to have to be announced to the back of his head. “I’m pregnant.” After that, of course, he was wide awake. Such a weird feeling, knowing you have a baby in your belly. I think you’d be three weeks old at the moment – the size of a poppy seed. At 3.10 today we go to the doctor to find out for sure. I did, however, do another test this morning – no point wasting them – and the two lines appeared once more. It looks like it’s definite.

We told your Grandma and Grandpa in England last night. Your Dad was Skyping them anyway, and it was really hard to think about anything else to tell them, so he blurted it out. I think they were happy for us – I think they were also a bit like, “yeh, you think you’re pregnant, but tell us again when you’re sure”. I think your Grandma would have been a bit sad after we got off Skype. She’d love to be here to see you grow up. But we’ll take you to visit her all the time, as often as we’re able.

So, I didn’t get to have my wine and cheese! As someone who is renowned for knocking back a few, I believe a total of 10 people currently suspect you’re in my belly. I had three social occasions in one day that involved booze, and I didn’t so much as have a sip – Veuve Cliquout was on offer as well! I’m hoping that makes up for the espresso martini I guzzled down when I was two weeks pregnant. I did a test then, and nothing. So … sorry baby for that! There may have been a few beers as well … already I’m a bad mother! Eep, just saying that makes me realise that I’m going to be a Mum. It’s a strange, strange world.

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