Dear baby,

How you doing in there? That’s your Dad’s favourite thing to ask you. He likes to ask you a flurry of questions for some reason. This week you’ve been moving around quite a bit, I’ve even started feeling some kicks on the outside. It’s quite a funny feeling. Today, I was in a meeting at work, and suddenly touched my stomach and went ‘oh!’. Haha. You took me by surprise. It’s nice though. Does it make the vomiting in the morning worth it? Not quite, but it’s still nice.

This week has meant the introduction of heartburn for me – oh, the fun never stops! It seems my diet of spicy foods is not sitting well with you at all. Chocolate, however, still appears to be no such problem. I fear you’re going to come out and start having sugar withdrawals. I’ve always been a big chocolate eater, but at the moment it’s one of the only things that makes me feel better after a morning of hurling. Looks like you’re going to have a little sweet tooth.

For you, it seems you’re growing more and more this week – evidenced by the fact that your mother has popped out even further. I actually got offered a seat on the tram today, it was wonderful! I nearly kissed the woman who offered it to me. This week also marks a lot of swallowing from you. I don’t know what you’d be swallowing in there, but I think it will probably mean the start of hiccups. As long as it’s during the day, go for your life!

I’ve started to think about kissing the downy hair on your head, and it just makes me want to meet you. More and more, I just want to meet you. I’m not that interested in carrying you around in my stomach. I’m more after what comes after that, the pregnancy is just a means to an end. Plus, with morning sickness still going well into the second trimester, I can’t say I’ll be rushing back to do it again.

In other news this week, I finished the third term of my French classes. By the time you come out I’ll be ready to start intermediate classes – somewhat stalled by the fact that I need to take a term off (you’re due in the middle of the third term this year). I’m hoping to continue with it after you arrive (haha, note from the future, I didn’t!). I aspire to be fluent. I know it’s going to be hard work to get there, but it’s great for the mind, a good stress release and, most importantly, I think it’s important I do something for myself after you’re born. My whole life is going to be about you, but I need to save a little slice just for me, a latte and maybe a croissant.

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