Not to be confused with the “every day bestie”, your work bestie is someone who supports you at work and, if you’re lucky, outside of work too! They are that person who will let you vent in a meeting room if things are getting too much, they are the person who will spend lunch breaks with you, the person who listens to the niggles of your day that would drive most people insane.

For me, my work bestie was the person who walked with me every day while I was pregnant, to help me manage my gestational diabetes. They were the person who offered to pick up my workload when I had to go home due to unstoppable vomiting, and the person who understood the sorrow I felt at forgoing soft cheese for nine months – before you go thinking they are a saint, it didn’t stop them sipping delightful glasses of red wine in front of me, but they always offered me a sip or a sniff.

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Fast forward a year, and they are now the person who understands my plight, but more importantly, the person who has made the transition back to work so much easier, just for being there, for slotting straight back into that friendship role, despite a crazy year where we didn’t get to spend nearly as much time together as planned.

Going back to work isn’t easy. Even going back to the same role, I haven’t found I’ve slotted back in without a bump in the road. It hasn’t been the easiest of things, but my work bestie has helped along the way. We all need someone to talk to, someone who understands what we’re going through – and if they don’t, who listens to us – to make us feel that little bit normal when we’re spinning out of control.

Beyond that, work bestie reminds me of who I was before I became mumma. They help mumma me and work me co-exist, with an acknowledgement that things have changed, but also encouraging me to get out there and do more by inviting me to interesting things, telling me about great adventures – all of this reminds me that I can have a life outside of being mumma. Of course I can! I knew this, but having someone there who, in this case, has done it all before, makes the transition back to work all the more easier.

This piece started off with my wanting to tell you all why I think having a support person at work is important – after all, I told my work bestie I was preggers before I told most of my family – but I guess it’s really a thank you. So, thank you work bestie, you know who you are, I’m so glad the gang’s back together!

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