Today, I ran into an old friend who hasn’t seen me for a long time. She knows me pre-baby, but not so much in situ. We made small talk – she asked about my life, I asked about hers. The thing was, my life has changed. She asked me if I had been to any good restaurants lately. She asked whether I had any trips planned. She asked me all manner of questions related to the person I was, and not the mumma I am now, the mumma who doesn’t know about the new restaurant, and only eats out at 5pm with the pensioners, if she’s lucky! Would I change it? Not for a minute!  It has got me thinking. My priorities have certainly changed, and so have the things I value. So, unlike previous years where it would be about exotic locations and degustations, here are the 12 things I want this Christmas.

  1. A full night of sleep
  2. A day, OK let’s be reasonable, an hour of not being screamed at
  3. A hot coffee without someone climbing on my knee
  4. A movie, at the cinema, with a choc top! What luxury
  5. A night out with hubby
  6. A run – when did exercise become a wish-list item?
  7. A drink at a bar AFTER 6pm
  8. To eat my own meal without having to share it
  9. A clean floor
  10. An empty dirty clothes basket
  11. A sleep in, seriously, even 7.30am would be nice
  12. A toilet trip without a visitor

A mummy’s got a right to dream, right? Oh, hang on, a dream involves sleep …

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