I wrote myself an email at 2.15pm today to remind myself how tough I was finding this silly made-up diet of mine. Of course, now sitting on the couch just before I’m going to tuck into hubby’s homemade shepherd’s pie, it doesn’t sound so bad, so I’ll refer back.

I found myself incredibly unwell at one point today (a bit dramatic, but OK) – probably attributable to little miss who is a human germ factor at the moment (harsh but fair) – and I knew a rush of chocolate would give me just the boost I needed to get through the afternoon. I did not succumb. Instead, I wallowed in self-pity, feeling tired, with runny eyes, and blocked ears. I didn’t realise this would feel like such a struggle but it does.

Suffice to say I was in a dark place at 2.15!  It got easier. I got home to find that missy had a babycino today, and had a marshmallow!  So, that’s a sugar hit I might allow myself later. In saying that, I feel like I need to at least hit the 72-hour mark before treating myself. Plus, I have all manner of celebrations later in the week, that will make sugar refusal more difficult. My half a muffin may be around the corner!

Today was another muesli bar and banana day, topped with a steaming bowl of homemade veggie soup for lunch. I ignored my craving for a delicious hot chocolate from the local chocolate shop (SOB!). So far, I’m not feeling sensational. I’m actually just feeling hardcore sugar withdrawals . Still, five more days to go until the verdict is in. Stay tuned!

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