So, here I was last night, typing away about the toddler diet and thinking how “this isn’t that hard”. I also thought, “how am I going to maintain interest when it’s so friggen boring?” In short, I was feeling a bit smug in my success. I thought my willpower was awesome!

Today, I grabbed the spare tyre around my middle, trying to assess whether my “sugar bloat” had gone down at all – jury’s out on that one. I noticed that I felt a bit “cleaner” inside, and I was feeling very good. I carried this feeling into a meeting I had this morning. A meeting where coffee was provided (that’s OK, that’s allowed). The coffee wasn’t a great one, unfortunately. It left this horrible, bitter taste in my mouth. So, I reached for the bowl of Mentos in front of me and, without thinking, popped two of those bad boys in my mouth. Just like that, I ate something I would not give missy. I had my first toddler diet failing. And it is only day three. The only redeeming quality is it was an accident. I did ponder whether the whole incident meant it was all over (those open blocks of chocolate are still by my desk, begging for me to eat them), but I decided it’s a minor setback and no reason to give up.

The biggest willpower test came in the afternoon, as I walked with missy down a street lined with cake stores. We had come to an agreement on yoghurt and strawberries for afternoon tea. Then, all of a sudden I endured five minutes of, “I want cake. I want cake. I want cake.” I had to restrain myself from clutching her and sobbing, “So do I!” I restrained myself … for now. Tomorrow is our day together and we usually have a muffin or banana bread as a treat. Hey, if it’s in the toddler’s diet, it’s allowed, right?

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