A bit of a delay in posting this one. I think part of the reason is I was hoping to report some sort of miraculous turnaround. Anyway, before I get to that …

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Day three started off well enough considering the take up in the first two days. Missy once again insisted on knickers. It was a day where hubby and I were both home, which makes things a little easier. Then again, it was also a day that entailed many activities, the first of which was swimming lessons. We went back and forth on whether or not to put a swimming nappy on little miss. As most of you know, a swimming nappy only contains number twos anyway and, as she had never pooped in the pool, we weren’t too concerned. Missy sealed the deal by refusing to wear a nappy. So, we chalked that up as a success.

It seemed she didn’t pee in the pool either. The moment she jumped in the shower with her dad, a nice long yellow stream went down her leg. I’m not going to begrudge her a wee in the shower though. She’s not even two!

So we continued the day in knickers, constantly asking missy to go to the toilet, which was met with either reluctance or a willingness to sit, but not pee.

As per the pervious day, the afternoon nap yielded a productive nappy. Then, up again, and Daddy and I took a more relaxed approach, letting missy “help” us with a few jobs around the house. No potty time, but also no accidents. We did end the day with one wee on the potty – the pre-bath piddle.

So, I did it, I lasted three days. However, it was fruitless. I was quite pleased when this morning missy insisted on wearing knickers to child care. I have to admit I kind of hoped that would mean that the centre would step up, and maybe encourage her to wee. Alas, no. She lasted all morning in knickers (again, no accident), but upon pick up was quite happily in a nappy.

I’m pleased we tried. At least it’s going to give little miss a bit more groundwork when she is ready. So, now, we just wait. I refuse to go through this again until missy is at least mildly enthusiastic about the toilet. Until then, we’ll go back to nappies.

PS Finally tried thankyou nappies. They’re proving to be quite wonderful. And they are slim fit and feel like they might be much more comfortable for little bottoms. I’ll keep you posted.

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