This isn’t my usual type of blog. I’m not one to spend an entire blog talking about a single company, or a range of products, but this is something a little different. I want to be clear about this, I have not been paid to do this.

Last night, I went to the launch of a new baby range. So what? You might ask. What makes this any different? Well, imagine that the nappies you buy each week save a life. Now, times that by the number of nappies bought around the world. Now do you see? But how?

For many people, just my saying that the new range is by will be enough. For those of you who don’t know much about the company, here are the Cliff Notes. is a social enterprise, which started as thankyou water back in 2008. The company was started by three teenagers who wanted to change the world. All profits from the company went back to helping people have safe drinking water, and save them from preventable water-borne diseases. If you have some time head over to and read some more, it really is a sensational story. I had the pleasure of interviewing founder and managing director Daniel Flynn a few years ago and hearing him tell the story, you are truly inspired (his videos are also particularly impressive). Over time the brand has expanded into skin care and food, with each range having a particular life-changing purpose. So, let’s get back to the baby range …

Imagine if you will being on top of a mountain in Nepal, nine months pregnant. Imagine going into labour, with no doctor around, no nurses, not even a clean floor to give birth onto. The risks, I’m sure you’ll agree, are enormous. Both for mother and baby. According to Flynn, “a mother dies in pregnancy and childbirth every 103 seconds, and globally 2.7 million babies don’t reach their first month of life because they don’t have access to basic healthcare.” Flynn, together with wife Justine (aka head of brand) and Jarryd Burns (aka head of finance and operations) – all parents – have launched this product range to change that. 100 per cent of profits of all their baby range goes back to help communities with maternal health care. And that is where we come in. We, as parents, have the ability to change the world, just by buying what we would anyway.

OK, you may say, it sounds good, but this is my kid’s cute butt we’re talking about. I tell you, one look at their monochrome prints and you will want to cover your kid’s arse in this nappy. It helps that they’re lined with aloe vera and vitamin E, have been tested over and over and are free of chemicals. And, for those who already use their skincare range, you can imagine how gorgeous the baby products are. Beautifully packaged, smelling amazing and of a high quality. Wow, I’m really sounding salesy now!

So, why the sales pitch? I have been watching this company for a long time. I consciously choose to buy their water when I need to get a bottle on the go (along with their other products). I remember the first time I used the code on the bottle and got to see where my money was going. How I was helping. This company is doing great things. When I interviewed Flynn he told me that he wasn’t about “buying boats or a massive house”. All he wanted was to make a difference to people’s lives. And if that’s not worth supporting, then I don’t know what is.

PS. thankyou nappies are currently available at Coles. Head on down and make a difference. Be the change.

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