Dear hungry little girl,

Ever since I stopped being sick it’s all about food, food, food. I’m constantly hungry. I’m not really used to snacking. I’m not a big snacker. For me, it might be a chocolate or a biccie occasionally, but mostly it’s about three meals a day and that’s it. I have no idea what to snack on. I fear you’ve been eating far too much cake and chocolate. I really need to figure out what non-fatties who snack, snack on. I suspect nuts, yoghurt and fruit. So, get prepared, because I’m not existing on chocolate now that I don’t need it to keep food down!

How it all began: Peeing on a stick

Today, I met your future husband. Well, one of many contenders (of course, I don’t mind if you have a wife, rather than a husband, whatever makes you happy). My friend had a little boy. Cute little chap. And she looks marvelous, not nearly as sleep-deprived as your poor aunty looks at the moment. I’m starting to realise that babies come in all shapes and sizes, with different temperaments, different feeding patterns. I hope you’re a good little tot. I know it’s going to be a hard time, going from being completely self-absorbed to completely selfless – I’m hoping you can meet me halfway and at least let me feel somewhat human at times!

So, it’s no wonder I’m so hungry. Apparently you will have put on four ounces in the last week. I have no idea how much that is, but it sounds like a lot! Your lungs are also developing more. I’m hoping you don’t end up with asthma like your Mum. You may have felt the spray of the inhaler several times this week. It’s not fun. It seems to be worse while I’m pregnant – another marvelous side effect!

I’ve agreed to let a student midwife come along the journey with us. I thought it might be nice to have some consistency in care. I’m a little nervous, but she’s a trained nurse already so should be good. I’m still not sure if I want her there when you’re born though. She’s a cousin of dad’s friend, and I don’t know if I want dad’s friend knowing that I turned into a crazed bitch during childbirth. Maybe I won’t, but I think the odds are stacked that way. I’m fairly certain the first word you hear will be an expletive. But, who knows, maybe I’ll have to have a caesarean, or maybe it will be easy (haha!). All I know is it will be worth it in the end – as everyone keeps saying. While I’m not loving this whole pregnancy thing, I love the idea of meeting you.

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