Dear baby girl,

It occurs to me I decided to write this not just as something of a journal – and as a reminder to me of just how horrendous or wonderful pregnancy is – but also to give you a representation of what this journey is like, and it’s been remiss of me not to tell you all about the latest in a line of wonderful symptoms.

As you probably know already in there, your Mum sneezes … a lot. Well, the latest symptom is a glorious little weakness in the bladder, exasperated by a cough or a sneezing fit. Imagine what it’s like when you have sneezing fits like me! Suffice to say panty liners now feature heavily in my daily routine, and I continually find myself doing my pelvic flaws in the vain hope that maybe I can reverse what is probably going to be a lifelong discomfort. Oh, the fun!

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In other news, though you’re still moving around a lot, you seem to completely shy away from your Dad’s touch. The poor man. Every time he puts his hand on my belly you completely stop moving! I think he’s beginning to get a bit worried. He talks to you a lot now. I think he just wants to meet you now. As do I. Only 17 weeks to go!

In all, this week has been pretty fabulous compared to others. For the first time in months I got through the week without vomiting. I actually enjoyed work! It was wonderful. I feel like I’ve possibly turned a corner, but I’m too scared to say it out loud. If I have, it’s wonderful. I am completely overcome with heartburn most days now, but I’ll take that over the nausea any day. Could it be, that maybe there truly is a nice period of pregnancy? Time will tell.

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