Dear baby girl,

Well, yesterday I found out I have gestational diabetes. Oh, how wonderful! I’m so annoyed about it too. Sure, if I was a fatty who ate nothing but pizzas, I would have it coming, but pre-pregnancy I could run 10kms with ease, I was a healthy 54kg and I was eating really well. The only thing that disrupted all that was the constant need to vomit since getting pregnant.

I cried when I found out. I know it’s something that’s manageable, I know it’s not my fault, but still I couldn’t help but cry and cry, and worry about you even more! I hate to think that my choices might affect your health – so much pressure! I guess it’s just another part of the preparation for being a Mum.

How it all began: Peeing on a stick

So, it means that the one thing I have had to get me through my morning sickness (being chocolate) is now off the table. It also probably means me eating a lot more than I’m used to eating. Still too early to say completely. I meet with a diabetes nurse on Friday, as well as a dietician. I’ll know more then. As long as I get it under control it shouldn’t mean much for you, baby girl. For me, it means my chances of developing type 2 diabetes have doubled. I can’t believe it! I had a health check 12 months ago that indicated I had no chance of ever contracting diabetes. Just goes to show how much pregnancy affects your body. It’s a hormonal thing, I know, but I still find myself blaming myself!

So, I hope everything is OK in there. You’re still kicking like crazy, and I read that your little lungs are developing and you’re starting to get chubby – maybe even too chubby if I don’t get the glucose levels under control!

Your Dad has now joined team worry-about-baby. He even pledged to go without chocolate for the rest of the pregnancy, which was super nice and completely unprompted.

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