OK, so Thursdays are “treat day”. It’s my day off work with little miss and usually involves a babycino and some toasty banana bread with butter at the park. It was raining today so we were “forced” to go to the local coffee shop instead. A shop that doesn’t do banana bread. So we “had” to share a muffin. Like I said, it’s allowed, just only occasionally, and never a whole one. So we sat side by side, sipping on our drinks and sharing an amazing walnut and chocolate muffin. I don’t know if it was so good because I haven’t had sugar for days, but it was amazing!

By about 1pm I realised I had not eaten anything aside from that half muffin. I was in the middle of cooking dinner and some healthy sausage rolls for our weekend away, so I snuck a couple of those while missy snoozed. When she awoke she refused her bowl of chilli (so Mumma downed that too – the diet does not restrict the amount you eat), and she chowed down on some sausage rolls.

We actually had a pretty lovely day overall, ending with us all eating some vegetable-laden spaghetti bolognese as a family for dinner. It really is lovely having one day a week where we have the time to hang out together, and then time dinner for when Daddy gets home so we can eat as a family.

Oh, and how’s the sugar bloat, you ask? Today, the spare tyre was definitely a little deflated. You really can tell the difference when you reduce salt and sugar in your diet, and this is fairly effortless. In saying that, I’m looking forward to a wine tomorrow, and ever so grateful for past Musing Mumma for deciding wine was OK on Friday and Saturday!

Heading away this weekend, so daily blogging might be tough. I’ll still write and backdate them if I can’t post, so stay tuned!

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