Day five and some difficult challenges presented themselves. First up was my friend’s farewell lunch. Thank goodness it was Friday and wine was allowed! Still, it made me have to truly consider my lunch choice. I had to ask myself, “Would I let missy eat mussels?” The answer is a resounding “yes”, though I’m sure I would have them hurled back at me from across the room pretty quick smart. Still, rules are rules. So I ate them!

Next up was the farewell afternoon tea. I was sad that I couldn’t partake in most of the usual farewell spread, but consoled myself with thoughts of a fruit platter, and tried to convince myself that scones might be OK. Alas, it was not the usual spread. It was cake – the best kind of cake too … free cake! It was that or partake in the bowl of chocolate delights. I refused, leading me to tell at least half a dozen people what a “toddler diet” was. This making-things-up-as-you-go-along is hard work.

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