Today is day six of the toddler diet. I’m nearly there! To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed it is nearly over. In fact, I think I’m just going to try and apply it in my every day life. I’m eating better than I have for a while, and I’m feeling good. I might still allow myself the occasional chocolate, but it will be more of a Friday thing than a daily occurrence. The main thing will be eating relatively nutritious lunches.

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So today I am writing from the beach/country where little miss and I are spending some time with her grandparents while daddy works all weekend. I expected a few challenges in the weekend as mum and dad do like to ply me with sweet treats. Fortunately, mum too is trying to be healthy. For the first time, I found myself refusing something completely acceptable on the health scale due to toddler restrictions in the form of raw nuts. I wanted them, but had to acknowledge that I wouldn’t let missy eat whole nuts just yet.

I have enjoyed my Saturday of wine though. What I haven’t had in sugar I made up for with wine. Hey, the rules were set so I’m not going to feel bad.

Last day tomorrow. A testing day too with a family dinner that will no doubt involve some sort of delicious pudding that I will have to refuse. Sigh … one more day.

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