I write this blog after some mid-week boozing, and a couple of Lindt peanut butter balls. Yup, the toddler diet is well and truly over. Despite the scenario I have just laid out, I think it has done some good for me. Today was an exception as it involved catching up with some old friends and an illness that won’t quit, but overall the toddler diet is something I’m going to try and take with me. So, what have I learned:

  • Organisation is key to avoid mid-week binges. Having lunch prepared and ready to go makes me less inclined to stuff my mouth with cookies, and more inclined to eat something nutritious – for non-tight arses the temptation to purchase could be too strong, just make sure it’s nutritious
  • Going without sugar gets easier with time – seriously, after three days I no longer craved sugar. Today’s mishap was simply the result of free chocolate at my desk – and peanut butter is a serious weakness
  • Sometimes you need to break the rules – on the last day my hubby and I had some great news, which warranted celebrating. We head to a local bar and had a pint of beer. I was feeling guilty, but then I realised that you need to cut yourself a break. Recognise the special occasions and go with it

So, it was only a week, which isn’t hard to do. Honestly, I challenge you to struggle with it. In fact, it was so short I’m not sure it did much good. In saying that, my sugar cravings are gone, my spare tyre is slightly less inflated and it just reminded me of what I need to do to eat well, and of how achievable it is. Sometimes life creeps up and it feels hard to do something simple like eat a nutritious lunch, but it’s not hard, and you feel better for it. So, there you have it. The toddler diet.

Next up I was considering the toddler exercise program, but that would involve much jumping on the bed, and I’m not sure my husband is up for carrying me every time I step outside the door. There’s also some throwing myself on the floor, and I’m not sure I have the flexibility.

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PS I also learnt that I’m rubbish at daily blogging. Sorry about that folks!