Dear Little Bug,

Yup, that’s what I’ve started calling you now. As you probably know your father and I call each other Bug, so I figure Little Bug is perfect for you. That is, when I’m not calling you little turd.

This week was tough. I feel like I say that every week. I was so sick. So sick on Wednesday that I nearly called our executive general manager at 9.10 to ask her to hold a meeting for me. So hard when people at work don’t know!

So, on Friday, after getting through a very difficult week of all-day sickness I told work. I was so nervous about the whole thing. One thing you need to know about me is that I have a tendency to overthink things – but then, you probably already know that. I work myself up into such a state about things. I was nervous about losing opportunities so I prefaced the whole discussion with a talk on how important my career is to me. I was shaking, I was so nervous I almost cried. I’ve never been that nervous. Not even when I’ve handed in my resignation in past jobs.

When I finally got to the point of telling my boss that I was 14 weeks pregnant, she broke into a huge grin, put her hand on my leg and said, “that is great news”! It melted me straight away. I don’t know why, but I was unsure how she would react. How silly of me.

“You didn’t need to say all that career stuff,” she said. I looked her dead in the eye and said, “I know, but I wanted to”. After that she told me that our workplace was a good supporter of women who take some time out. I feel so much better now. It was amazing how quickly I relaxed. It’s nice to have her support. I only hope she stays around for when I come back to work. She knows me well, she knows I’ll do a good job.

Telling everyone else at work was so much fun. My whole team was so excited. They all stood up and came over, hugs abound and lots of questions. It’s funny, I was kind of embarrassed about it, but also so excited to be telling everyone. They’re such a good group of people and I know they’ll be really supportive of me. I feel so much happier now. And now I know I can be sick at work without worrying about people finding out.

So, this week is all about growing for you. My belly has already popped out so much. I can’t believe you’ve still got so far to grow. It’s so strange having this belly, but knowing that it’s all baby. I have to admit, I just feel fat at the moment. Today I went for my first run in two months. It was an extremely slow run, but it felt good to start running again. I’m determined to stay fit. Here’s hoping I begin to feel well enough to make it a regular thing.

This is a very distracted note to you this week. Your Dad and I are sitting here, watching season one of Frasier for the sixth or so time. Next week, I’ll try to be a little more focused. Then again, I guess multitasking is a big part of my future!

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