Dear Baby Girl,

It’s nearly week 23, but as I still have a day left I’m going to write the entry for week 22. Your Dad and I got back from New Zealand last night. It was a lovely holiday. A bit different to our other adventures in that I needed to rest a lot more, couldn’t drink like a fish and was unable to scale hills without your father pushing me from behind! But it was really nice, and bittersweet with the thought that it’s the last time your Dad and I will holiday like that for a long, long time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to our adventures of a family, but 10 years together, just the two of you, is a long time. It’s going to take some adjusting.

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So, you have now been to New Zealand, your first overseas trip! To mark the occasion we bought you a beautiful driftwood mobile that I’m already worried will fall on you while you sleep (one thing people don’t tell you is the worrying thing happens the moment you conceive, and I imagine never stops from there!) and some teeny tiny knitted booties that even your Dad cooed over. It’s nice buying things for you with your Dad. It makes it feel really special.

So, you went to Auckland, Waiheke, Rotorua and Napier. It was so lovely to soak in some – pregnancy friendly – hot springs when we stopped at Rotorua. Not having a bath at home is turning into a real hardship during pregnancy. That said, the first bath I had in New Zealand I was worried about boiling you and spent the next two days worrying that your kicks had started to falter somewhat. Meanwhile, this morning you were kicking up an absolutely storm for about five minutes so I’m starting to think I might have been worrying about nothing.

It is funny, what makes you worry though. All of a sudden, as we were coming into Melbourne last night, I worried that the plane was going to crash, that we were all going to die, that I was never going to meet you. I’m not usually a nervous flyer, I love flying. I love the tiny meals, the non-stop movies and the fact that someone brings you wine, but this time I was just worried about you. It’s such a shift in thinking, it’s quite unsettling!

It seems that while we were in New Zealand you started to further develop your hearing. Hopefully now you can hear me and your Dad talking to you better. Your Dad likes to press his lips up against my belly and ask you all manner of questions, or just say hello. I’m waiting for the day you kick him in the face as he does it, that would be hilarious!

One little tip for my baby girl. If you travel pregnant, don’t force yourself to stand in lines at airports. Let whoever you’re with do it while you rest. I spent maybe three and a half hours in various lines yesterday and the pain was awful. It’s funny, I could go on a long walk and be fine, but standing still for that long killed me. I swore I would never do it again, but given we’re fairly certain you’re going to be an only child it’s probably a promise I didn’t need to make.

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